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Welcome to ConReal!

Property Management Budapest – ConReal was established to assist private investors in making professional and analysis-based decisions in the Budapest real estate market. Our leading property management services enable owners to achieve optimal returns from their properties in Budapest in the highest comfort.

The main activities of ConReal are property management, managing long term rental of  real estate and taking care of all associated tasks instead of the owners. Besides these you can find the wide range of our services below.

The founders of ConReal are coming from the corporate and business consulting world with the aim to bring professional attitude and high quality services that are standard in the corporate world to the Budapest real estate market. We are combining real estate qualifications and experience with standard business thinking, financial analysis and project management.

ConReal operating model

Property management in Budapest and other services

ConReal provides a wide range of services besides property management. We are ready to assist in finding the perfect real estate in Budapest for investment purposes, to prepare the optimal utilization analysis and to take part in the acquisition and sales process. You can find more information on our services below:

Planning and preparation

Optimal utilization planning
Investment property search
Renovation and interior design

Property management and sales

Property management
Real estate sales support
Real estate market analysis

Introduction – ConReal’s founders

czikora-terbocs krisztina

Krisztina Czikora-Terbócs

Managing partner and founder

Krisztina received her management and controlling degrees from Corvinus University of Budapest and Norwegian School of Economics. Before ConReal he worked in business consulting at KPMG and later as a strategic consultant at T-Systems, where she worked on reorganizations and internal strategic projects.

“I decided to leverage my experience in real estate transactions, renovations and renting out homes and we saw that there is a need for transparent and trustworthy services on the Budapest real estate market. We decided to found ConReal and I also acquired a real estate agent license to broaden our offered services.”

czikora tamas

Tamás Czikora

Managing partner and founder

Tamás graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest and Copenhagen Business School in business and management. Before ConReal he worked in management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group as a Principal. During the 8 years there, he worked in most European countries as well as in Japan, Africa and the Middle East.

“We started to deal with private real estate investments and renovations in the recent years and we saw that the professional and structured approach that is standard in the business life is hard to find in the Budapest real estate market. I acquired my property manager license and we founded ConReal to offer property management and real estate investment related services in Budapest to local and foreign clients, who prefer high quality and no-nonsense attitude.”

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